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    Q - When will I get my order?

    A - Takes 1-3 days to process then 2-4 weeks to arrive to you, but you can bet we'll always try to be faster than advertised. Something to keep in mind: it mainly depends on where you are located, the time of year and how in demand the item(s) are.

    Q - What size shoe should I order?

    A - First, place your foot on a piece of paper then measure your foot by tracing it with a pencil.
    Then measure from the big toe to your heel with a ruler and jot down the number you get (in both CM and Inches)

    THAT number is your foot size. Next it's up to you to decide:

    +1 CM for a snug fit (not really recommended)
    +1.5 - 2 CM for a relaxed fit
    +3 CM for a looser fit (also not really recommended)

    But the final decision is on you. We're here to serve you whatever you'd like though. By the way, you can use other shoes you already own to help yourself make that call. Something else to keep in mind is what kind of shoe you are getting. A running shoe should be more snug fitting whereas an everyday shoe should probably be more relaxed or even loose fitting.

    Q - Returns, Refunds, Exchanges?

    A - We have a refund policy, check that out for more details. 

    [ https://shopteamsizz.com/policies/refund-policy ]

    But here's the TL;DR (too long; didn't read)


    Refunds for:
    1) lost in transit
    2) damaged or broken
    3) wrongly shipped item

    Exempt from refunds:
    1) sale items
    2) free items

    However, we're here to please you so we'll work hard to make sure this isn't even an issue! Our goal is to create a happy teammate, not a disgruntled customer, so rest assured your order will be taken care of properly.